A wedding promises to bring together a son, who has lived away in Italy for years, and the family he left behind in Palestine. Not only that, tradition requires that father and son deliver the wedding invitations by hand. As the pair go about their duty, every door they knock on, every place they enter offers a snapshot of Palestinian society, while on a personal level, we sense in the exchanges between father and son the inevitable tension between voluntary exile, resistance, tradition and modernity. This is an existence where being Palestinian means making a choice between submission and resistance. And as we tag along with the teacher father and his architect son, so we are presented with a poetic testament to everyday life in Palestine, a country of war and states of emergency.

In Wajib, Annemarie Jacir illustrates the fate of Palestine through the affectionate clash between father and son, but importantly doesn’t judge the decision either to stay or to go. And the fact that the wedding fails to bring together the fragmented family seems to allude to this fate.

Aslı Güneş

Palestine France

Annemarie Jacir

Maria zreik
Mohammad Bakri
Saleh Bakri

Locarno Film Festival - FICC/IFFS Prize; Youth Jury Environment Prize; ISPEC Cinema Award
London Film Festival - Best Film - Honourable Mention

23rd Festival on Wheels
World Cinema 2017