A Long Story Of Madness

If your mentally ill patient dies, are you to blame? For Dr Françoise Davoine, Parisian psychoanalyst, this question becomes disturbingly real as one of her patients, Ariste, dies. Davoine is abducted and put on trial by mediaeval fools and through the course of one hellish night – across several centuries and countries – must argue her case for exoneration. As the journey forces Dr Davoine to question her own life, via a mix of fiction, documentary and theory, Me`re Folle takes the viewer on a one-of-a-kind journey into the minds of the ‘mad’ and those designated to cure them. Set in five countries, spoken in twelve languages, spanning six centuries, and played by professionals and amateurs in sometimes hilarious, sometimes gripping scenes, this film confronts old traditions with new practices, in order to explore ways to make multicultural Europe a more liveable place for all. Genres, styles and traditions are deliberately mixed. All psychoanalytic case histories are based on real cases; and the most exuberantly fictional enactments are actually documentary footage. Collective performances, improvisation, documentary segments, and a constant interplay between cinematic and theatrical acting, as well as music, poetry, and turn an artistic experiment into a social one.
The Netherlands

Françoise Davoine’ın bir romanından

Michelle Williams Gamaker
Mieke Bal
Pascal Sentenac

ASCA Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis University of Amsterdam

Fleur Sulmont
Françoise Davoine
Louis de Villers
Mathieu Montanier
Murielle-Lucie Clement
Thomas Germaine

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