Decalogue 7

Thou shalt not steal. We find ourselves once again in the grim, ugly apartment blocks of Warsaw under the bleak light of winter. Majka, an unhappy girl in her 20s, fell in love with and fell pregnant by her literature teacher at school when she was just 16. Her parents have taken on responsibility for baby Anya so Majka can get on with her education and life. They've also failed to tell Anya that Majka is her real mother. Years later, the lie begins to have a devastating effect on Majka, who reckons that her mother has stolen her child away and in so doing done her a great injustice. One day, she kidnaps Anya with plans to emigrate to Canada. She hides out with Anya in the home of the girl's real father, Vojtek, who she hasn't seen for years. Vojtek is seeing his child for the first time. Their romance six years earlier has turned both of their lives upside down and their encounter after all these years is a sad and broken affair. The two ex-lovers talk about the past. They confess to Anja that they're her real parents. Young she may be, but the anxious Anya realises that some things are not quite right. Meanwhile, Majka's parents are already in search of the child. Anya returns to her elder "parent". And Majka, resigned to the fact that her parents have long since stolen her child, lets her go - but not without a sense of bitterness and anger. For Majka, the situation clearly means defeat and loss. In transferring the Seventh Commandment to the sphere of problematic modern age relationships, Kieslowski tells us a heartbreaking story. As he does so, he raises the issue of feelings, self-sacrifice and possession in the defining context of the family and opens up new channels for us, as the human race, to question ourselves. Necla Algan

Krzysztof Kieslowski
Krzysztof Piesiewicz

Piotr Sobocinski

Ewa Smal

TVP S.A. Film Agency

Artur Barcis
Daniel Olbrychski
Joanna Szczepkowska
Maria Pakulnis

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