Decalogue 6

Thou shalt not commit adultery. For mankind, the most confusing concept of all is surely love. The cinema version of this sixth film in the Decalogue series was entitled A Short Film About Love. The film is about a teenager's intense love for the young (but older) woman living in the block opposite. Tomek is obsessed by the woman to the extent that he's been watching her through binoculars for some time. Working by day in the post office, he spends his evenings busily spying. Magda, the object of his attentions, is a modern city woman, who works and lives on her own. Now and again, she has boyfriends to visit. It's not long before Tomek starts trying weird antics to get closer to Magda. In the end, he confesses to the woman that he loves her and has been watching her for quite some time. For Magda, the whole thing is adolescent and, worse than that, an intrusion on her privacy. As far as she's concerned, love is not about abstract feelings but about sex. Her dismissal of his feelings is a huge disappointment for Tomek, who reacts by trying to slit his wrists. Trying to make sense of Tomek's feelings is something that knocks Magda off-balance. At the end of the day, both will come out of the affair with different experiences: Tomek with a broken heart and Magda, faced with the shocking truth of what love really means. If, at first sight, the film appears simple in terms of style, this belies such meticulous attention to detail that by the end of photography the director had decided the business of filmmaking was a wholly consuming process. From the audience's point of view, however, this film is an extraordinary experience of the power of cinema. For here is an uncluttered narrative, a remarkable ability to convey feelings, an in-depth look at the private world of the main characters and, of course, a powerful examination of man's romantic values. The television and cinema versions of the film have two different endings. In the television version, the f

Krzysztof Kieslowski
Krzysztof Piesiewicz

Piotr Sobocinski

Ewa Smal

TVP S.A. Film Agency

Artur Barcis
Daniel Olbrychski
Joanna Szczepkowska
Maria Pakulnis

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