Track-A-Track is a metaphoric symbol of the train in which we all travel. No matter if we travel in Europe, America, Asia, Australia or Africa always we got the same message. Each one of the spectators could imagine being one of these heroes in this trip which is in fact the trip of our life. Some friends who wanted to escape the boring daily routine, travel in a mysterious train which doesn’t stop anywhere and hasn’t got any aim. The tragicomic situations mixed up the train which is full with Bulgarian, Gypsies, Poles, Russians and even messengers of the “Phar” program. Here where foreigners and Bulgarians meet each other and where there are permitted and prohibited wagons describe the traditional schemes of the film story love and hate, birth and death, natural and supernatural. The film heroes have understood where the train has crossed the Bulgarian border and started its own strange trip around Europe. Each of the passengers should take care of himself. We wonder this story was true or only a dream or both. There is an answer already: When all has been lost you have still got the future! Track-a-track offers merciless satire of the society, which does not know what it is heading towards. Track-a-track abounds with tragi-comic situations where laughter pushes out the tears and allows for reflection. Track-a-track attempts at demythologizing certain Bulgarian values. Track-a-track is the Bulgarian train swaying between sarcasm and self-irony. Track-a-track reveals a colorful kaleidoscope of local mores in a journey towards hope.

Bulgaristan Fransa

Iliya Kostov

Iliya Kostov

Yaroslav Yachev

ABG-Kostov Production Studio & Mondialfilm

Cyril Gospodinov
Dimitar Manchev
Ivan Grigorov
Maria Statulova
Mariana Dimitrova
Nadia Todorova
Nikola Rudarov
Plamen Sirakov
Stefan Popov
Stefan Shterev
Yordan Bikov

2nd Festival on Wheels