Mud, The

Derviş Zaim presents us a multi-dimensional and daring film. The subject is one that still retains its importance in the current political situation -, a divided Cyprus. In The Mud, this topic is confronted with clear political awareness, a humanist approach and a distinguished style. A Turkish Cypriot born in 1964 in Lemesos, Derviş Zaim manages to present - as objectively as possible - the tragic story of people separated by the line drawn by the war and forced to move out of their houses, wounds still bleeding from the massacres both perpetrated and suffered by the youngsters who fought at the front; people full of hate and yearning for revenge. All these events he himself lived through. His intent in the film is the furtherance of the culture of peace, making one more step along the difficult road that leads to the democratic union of the peoples on an island with indistinct borders The Mud is significant as a step taken on this path. It is no doubt difficult to work with elements such as war, peace, hatred, loathing, friendship and love without falling into portrayals in black and white. To present such a subject with complexity and delicate balance, a subject that has remained in the focus of the world for the last fifty years, without any compromise of one's art is an effort that at the very least demands courage. Zaim, being aware of these complications, has focused on using multiple perspectives. The mix of the symbolic, supernatural and realistic dimensions within the film enable the director to convey to the viewer the complexity of the subject. The Mud, shaped by the multi-cultural and historical heritage of the island, is a very honest film, soberly presenting truths and opposing perspectives to uninformed or misinformed viewers. Mehmet Basutçu

Derviş Zaim

Derviş Zaim

Feza Çaldıran

Francesca Calvelli

Marco Müller

Arslan Qasar
Bulent Emin Yarar
Mustafa Uğurlu
Nadi Güler
Taner Birsel
Tomris İncer
Ümit Çırak
Yelda Reynaud

Koulis Theodorou
Michael Galasso

Unesco Special Prize Venice

9th Festival on Wheels