What Have I Done To Deserve This?

Gloria appears to be your average housewife, living together with her husband, two sons and mother-in-law. But the people and events surrounding Gloria's life are nothing at all like anything we're accustomed to. Her taxi-driver husband used to work as a chauffeur for a German singer, and he is still madly in love with her. One of Gloria's sons makes his living as a drug dealer, the other by sleeping with his friends' fathers, and her mother-in-law by selling food and drink to the household. Gloria, who works as a cleaning woman, puts up with all of them. When her financial troubles worsen, she is forced to give one of her sons to a sex addicted, pederast dentist to decrease the size of the household. But everybody has got a limit, and of course, the day will finally come when Gloria rebels and asks, "What have I done to deserve this?". What have I done to deserve this? Can be looked at as a turning point for Almodovar. The vulgar John Waters-style humour found in Almodovar's earlier film is gone. Moreover, his reputation as a follower of Douglas Sirk and Fassbinder is inappropriate, since Almodovar places little significance on melodrama. What have I done to deserve this? acts as a bridge between the filmmaker's early enthusiasm and his later maturity, but it is still filled with that absurd sense of humour and excess peculiar to Almodovar. What have I done to deserve this? provides some of the best evidence of the director's interest in women and his mastery in narrating a woman's world. Although Almodovar's Gloria is surrounded by a host of strange characters and events, the director is able to maintain a balance to the story that keeps the audience from becoming alienated from his main character. In spite of the series of absurd situations we encounter, we don't have much difficulty in understanding Gloria. All these characteristics, transform What have I done to deserve this? into an unforgettable and impressive film that contains within it clues that two mo

Pedro Almodovar

Pedro Almodovar

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