Divided We Fall

Divided We Fall focuses on the experience of one couple in German-occupied Czechoslovakia during World War II. Faced with the choice of sheltering David Wiener, the son of a Jewish industrialist, or sending him out to sure death on the streets, Josef and Marie risk death by taking him in. Reluctant at first, Josef and Marie deal with each crisis as it comes to their home. Theirs is a domestic drama set against the background of the Holocaust, and it is studded with humour, even slapstick. A bold, unsteady comedy about resistance and collaboration, Jan Hrebejk's Oscar-nominated Divided We Fall renews the tradition of humanist absurdity that pervaded Czech cinema in the 60Õs. The film focuses on the psychological toll of war, taking an unblinking look at the terror that Nazi occupation visited on ordinary Czech citizens, the complex choices and moral compromises they were forced to make, and how they unaccountably retained a sense of humour through it all. No one's entirely good or bad, hero or villain; rather, each character adapts to the circumstances he is faced with as best he can, trying to maintain some semblance of decency in an atmosphere of oppression, mistrust and mortal danger. The result is a powerful reminder of a sordid chapter of history we can not afford to forget.
Czech Republic

Jan Hřebejk

Petr Jarchovsky

Jan Malir

Vladimir Barak

Total HelpArt

Anna Siskova
Boleslav Polivka
Csongor Kassai
Jaroslav Dusek
Jiri Kodet
Jiri Pecha
Martin Huba
Simona Stasova
Vladimir Marek

Ales Brezina

Award Cottbus; Best Director
Best Actor
Best Actress
Best Film
Best Screenplay
Critics' Script Award
Czech Film and Television Academy Awards; Best Actress
Don Quixote Award
Golden Kingfisher Pilsen; Most Popular Film Vancouver

7th Festival on Wheels