Scenes From A Marriage

A Woman and a Man...the point reached after ten years of marriage... witnessing the moments of crisis in seven years of the married couple...As Marianne states at the beginning of the film; maybe there not being a problem is the most serious problem, the tenderness and art of understanding others if not obtained in childhood can pose as the biggest hindrance in the relationship between man and woman. In this case marriage can become "an artform in overlooking problems". Do the man and the woman understand each other? Ingmar Bergman, analyzing Marianne and Johan's seemingly ideal' relationship, while defining the structure of a marriage, focuses on the differences of the souls of man and woman. Is a life-long relationship impossible, even if there is a passionate love? Bergman, directing the film after four marriages resulting in divorce, reflects the relationship from the outside as unbiasedly as possible, observing, it would seem, from a concealed camera placed within the house. Both the woman and the man are compassionate and sympathetic characters that millions of married people could identify with. Both are hurting, thinking that their life is going nowhere, they can neither be together nor can they completely leave the other. Bergman, after the interest it roused in Sweden, turned the 16mm, six episode TV series Scenes From a Marriage into a three hour feature film. The events in a dark house in the middle of the night, anywhere in the world are a reflection of a universal marriage. The film is further highlighted by the wonderful acting of Liv Ullman and Erland Josephson. It is a story of a dark voyage into the souls of man and woman... With its plain narration that reveals the weaknesses and fears residing within the human soul, Scenes From a Marriage could be stated as Bergman's most realistic, unmystical film. In a film in which the master of dreams, Bergman, does not talk of dreams, the scene in which Marianne tells of her nightmare, is the most affecting moment. Şükran Yücel

Ingmar Bergman

Ingmar Bergman

Sven Nykvist

Siv Lundgren

Cinematograph AB

Bibi Andersson
Erland Josephson
Jan Malmsjö
Liv Ullmann

Best Actress
Best Actress New York Film Critics Circle Awards
Best Foreign Film Golden Globes
Best script
Best Supporting Actress National Society of Film Critics Awards USA Best Script

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