The 12 September 1980 military coup and its aftermath mark an episode in recent history that Turkey has never fully addressed: the constitution of 1982 remains in force and the perpetrators have yet to face justice. More recently, however, the coup has come under renewed scrutiny through cinema in films such as My Father and Son and Home Coming. A further example of this drift towards re-examining the past is International, which alludes to the direct and indirect effects of the coup through the tragicomic story of violinist Abuzer, his daughter Gülendam and young revolutionist Haydar, who live in Adıyaman. While street musicians, the gevende are banned from performing following the coup- like many other activities- the regional commanding officer assigns Abuzer and his band to form a ‘regular band’ . Abuzer hears Gülendam listening secretly to the Internationale which she has borrowed from her lover, the young revolutionist Haydar, and, inspired by the melody, he composes a march that his friends practise in preparation for the ceremony to welcome the generals. This innocent venture will be the cause of many people’s suffering. International weawes its plot around a diversity of characters and stories, combining both drama and elements of comedy. Berke Göl

Sırrı Süreyya Önder

Gokhan Atlmis

Engin Ozturk

BKM Film

Bahri Beyat
Cezmi Raid
Meral Okay
Nazmi Broken
Ozgu Namal
Hope Wolf

Aytekin G. Aktas
Remaining Music
Sırrı Süreyya Önder
Tolga Kilic

Best Actress Istanbul Public Jury Best Film Award Thessaloniki Best Actor Pune
Best Film
Best Script Ankara Special Jury Award

16th Festival on Wheels
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