My Town

My Town

My Town is a poetic tale about the residents who live in a solitary tenement which stands on the outskirts of a mining town. The feelings of helplessness, despair, and powerlessness associated with high unemployment set the scene for the film and permeate its atmosphere. The main character, 25 year old Gozdzik, has been living in this housing block since birth. Gozdzik does not work and he does not study like everybody else around him. His only distraction from the greyness of everyday existence is playing for the local hockey team. Gozdzik’s family and the other inhabitants of the housing block are a colourful assemblage of comic yet tragic personalities who are trying their hardest to exist in this forgotten place. The setting of My Town is an Upper Silesian industrial town which is dotted with abandoned mines and bankrupt foundries. This town is located in an economically depressed area which has the highest unemployment in Poland. It is within this milieu that the attendant social problems of unemployment are examined and brought into a stark and sharper focus, where its impact on interpersonal relationships is portrayed, and where the essence of the human soul is explored. Ultimately, the film is a perceptive reflection on the ability of ordinary people to cope with the sometimes hopeless, despairing, and monotonous aspects of life in their own extraordinary way.


Marek Lechki

Marek Lechki

Przemyseaw Kamiñski

Robert Mankowski

TVP - Film Agency

Agnieszka Banach
Andrzej Mastalerz
Dorota Pomykaea
Krystyna Tkacz
Krzysztof Stroinski
Radoseaw Chrzescianski

Bartek Straburzynski

Best Screenplay Gdynia o Silver Dragon
Diploma of Honour Cracow
Special Jury Prize

9th Festival on Wheels