God's Got My Number

God's Got My Number

Albert Jeanjean has long left the prime of his life but he still acts like a problem youth in his adolescence with the fear that comes from standing on the verge of aging. Indecisive Albert, Who is caught up in the provinces of Paris Where he was born is not easily pleased, but easy to cause problems, manages to get into trouble with three women at once! Working as a sound technician in television, he meets three different and obstinate women during the local elections: A militant environmentalist, a cop, and an intellectual who can be described as the Anais Nin of our day. Through his relations with these women Albert starts facing himself step by step… Director Bruno Podalydes who has drawn attention with the film “Versailles Rive Gauche“ which he made in 1992 is a candidate to be one of the new masters of comedy French style along with Etienne Chatiliez and Cedric Klapisch. An original and creative film adorned with good jokes, “God’s Got My Number” has an understanding of humour similar to Woody Allen’s. When you think of an ego-centrical and pathological personality having problems with women, the first name to come to mind is Woody Allen, of course! Denis Podalydes, the director’s brother who acts the principal character, has given a performance as an anti-hero praised by critics. “God’s Got My Number”, which has been selected to the official competition in the Locarno Film Festival, boasts a good cast of accomplished actors, including Mathieu Amalric, one of the most popular comedians of the French young generation.


Bruno Podalydes

Bruno Podalydes
Denis Podalydes

Pierre Stoeber

Joële Van Effenterre
Marie-France Cuénot
Suzanne Koch

Why Not Productions

Cécile Bouillot
Denis Podalydes
Isabelle Candelier
Jeanne Balibar
Mathieu Amalric

Audience Prize
Best Debut Cesar

5th Festival on Wheels