What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?

Jane and Blanche Hudson reside in a decaying Hollywood mansion and are trapped in faded memories of their careers as actresses. Blanche is now a wheelchair bound invalid, the result of a mysterious 1930s automobile accident. Alcoholic and demented Jane dresses grotesquely as the vaudeville child star she once was and insanely plans a show business comeback. Fearful that Blanche means to sell their house and institutionalize her, Jane constantly terrorizes her sister and brutally murders their cleaning woman, Elvira. Dying of malnutrition and dehydration, Blanche confesses that she, and not a drunken Jane, caused the long ago car accident. Fearful of the police because of her murder of Elvira, Jane shoves Blanche into their car and drives to the beach. Having lost all connections with reality, Jane frolics before an audience of bewildered onlookers as police discover her and Blanche on the beach.

Robert Aldrich’s What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? is a cult classic that can be watched over and over again, not least because it brings together Hollywood legends Joan Crawford and Bette Davis. The film tells the tale of two sisters, both former Hollywood stars, who loathe the sight of each other. And the dramatic tension is further stoked by the on-set friction between real-life sworn enemies, Crawford and Davis.


Robert Aldrich

Bette Davis
Joan Crawford
Victor Buono

Laurel Awards – Golden Laurel Top Female Dramatic Performance
Oscar Academy Awards – Best Costume Design

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