Voice Of My Father

Basê lives on her own in Elbistan, southern Turkey. Her one hope in life is that her oldest son, Hasan, will return home and make a life for himself like everyone else, and she attributes the silent phone calls she’s been receiving to him. Meanwhile, her younger son Mehmet, who lives in Diyarbakır, finds out he’s about to be a father. While moving into his new flat, Mehmet comes across an audiotape of his mother and himself as a boy, recorded to be sent to his father. Soon after, Mehmet sets off for Elbistan to look for tapes his father might have made, and to persuade his mother to come and live in Diyarbakır. Finding his mother unable to think of anything but Hasan, Mehmet slowly weaves himself into her world, doing repairs and taking care of the garden while continuing to search for the tapes. Basê tries to put him off, claiming there are no tapes left, but she fails to deter him, and he begins to learn things about his family that he hadn’t known before.

Orhan Eskiköy

Emre Erkmen

Çiçek Kahraman
Orhan Eskiköy

Perişan Film

Basê Doğan
Gülizar Doğan
Zeynel Dogan

Best Film
Best Script Adana
Best Script Istanbul

18th Festival on Wheels