Intelligent and full of good will, Leo Kessler, is a young American with a German heritage. Shortly after Word War II, he arrives in Germany in order to work and to discover the country of his father. His uncle helps him find a position with the railway company as a sleeping car conductor. Leo starts to travel through a destroyed Germany -an incomprehensible and almot exotic world for him. On his first trip, he meets Katharina, the daughter of the railway companies’ director, Max Hartman. Soon after, Leo is invited to the Hartmann residence for dinner. Max Hartmann views the reconstruction of his transportation network Zentropa as the sole purpose for living. He thus has no other choice but to work in cooperation with the Alies. His son Larry, a rather tender soul, is critical towards any concepts of nationalism and considers himself a pacifist. Kathatina who makes no secret of her affection for Leo, on the other hand, seems to be closer to the groups of Nazis who stage terrorist actions against Americans. A rumination on war crime in the form of a hallucinatory thriller, this is a strikingly original work which tells a Kafkaesque story in a consistently disturbing and artificial milleu.


Lars von Trier

Lars von Tier
Niels Vorsel
Thomas Gislason

Henning Bendtsen

Herve Schneid

Peter Aalbaek Jensen

Barbara Sukowa
Eddie Constantine
Erik Mork
Ernst Hugo
Jean-Marc Barr
Jorgen Reenberg
Udo Kier

Joachim Holbeck

Australian Film Critics Circle Best Film Award Sdyney
Best Actress
Best Supporting Actor European Film Academy Awards Berlin
Film Critic's Award Puerto Rico First Prize
Grand Prize( Impact of Music in Film) Flanders
Special Jury Prize
Technical Prize Cannes

14th Festival on Wheels
NATION AND "fragments"