Horse, The

In The Horse, Özgentürk doesn't criticise that ideology which reflects the fact that one can skip classes by education. He also touches on other problems that seem to have no common aspects with this criticism. While putting forth the arabesque fact, turned into the wide-spread and accepted culture of our day, as a sort of comedy with the Urfa dialect, he makes the audience feel the imbalance and warp in our education system with another image the borders of which reach to the flanks of bureaucracy. TV and cinema also get their share of this criticism which is set forth in small anecdotes, sometimes ironically. Finally there are scenes that are passed over with fluttering images but the associations and remembrances of which are not at all as transient as that, a feat that should be linked to the masterly symbolic narration of the director. One of the richest aspects of The Horse is its richness in the creation of personalities. This wealth can be seen in alive, breathing types who reflect not the fake but the real in life, and are not compatible with those artificial, single-dimensioned types of Turkish cinema that remain far from being credible. This wealth of personalities that can present a vendor of the dead next to a tray of turkish baklava reaches exceptional dimensions in the father, the birdman and the mad woman. The Horse no doubt is a film which has some faults as well as virtues. Both its somewhat closed message which is open to various interpretations, symbolising that another hope can be born from despair and the musical chaos from Hafız Burhan to arabesque with the concern of being functional, have injured the integrity of the film up to a degree. But, all aside, The Horse can be defined as an important film, a gift to our cinema by a young director who has taken some big steps in only his second film. Burçak Evren

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Best Cinematography Turkish Film Critics
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Best Supporting Actress Antalya; Best Film
Second Prize Sao Paolo; Grand Prize Lecce; Second Prize Valencia; Grand Prize Tokyo; Second Prize

6th Festival on Wheels