Elegy Of Love

Elegy of Love has been interpreted as the film in which Godard comes closest to a classic cinematic narrative when compared with his other recent films by those who follow the director's work closely. Although it is difficult to speak of a story per se, it is true that just like in "Le Petit Soldat", an early Godard film, "Elegy of Love" possesses a trajectory that gives shape to the narrative. The film reflects the philosophical journey of a young man in his thirties, trying to realize a project. The young man wants to explore the four phases of love -meeting, physical passion, separation, reconciliation- as they are experienced by three couples. This main trail is supported by quotations from various thinkers. The film questions our understanding of history using concrete historical events such as the Resistence in WWII or the break up of Yugoslavia. Godard sharply criticizes our understanding of everyday life showing that memory and history literally forms a large part of our consciousness. He accuses Hollywood of buying the past of other societies, thereby creating "false" memories. The shift that occured in the perception of reality with the introduction of television into everyday life and how this affected our ways of seeing and observing is one of the main themes of Elegy of Love as in many other Godard films. "Elegy of Love" is primarily a film about "the nature of thought." "When I think about something, in fact, I am thinking of something else" repeats Edgar, the protagonist. Godard builts the film's aesthetic upon this aspect of thought; what the spectator sees does not necessarily coincide with what is heard. As the spectator follows the film, he must put together frames that are spatially broken and presented in a non-linear fashion. "It's strange, in fact, how things take on meaning when the story ends" says one character in the film. The real effect of "Elegy of Love" takes shape with the last frames of the film and the work itself starts speaki
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