Go-Between, The

The Go-Between starts with raindrops falling on the window. With the titles starts the music of Michel Legrand and we find ourselves in the past, in a "foreign country." Leo Colston, 13, is visiting a friend in their family's house for the summer. Leo will be deeply affected by his experiences in the estate of this aristocratic family. He falls in love with Marian, his friend's sister who is engaged to Hugh Trimingham, another aristocrat. Marian, on the other hand is not too keen for becoming Lady Trimingham and is having an affair with Ted Burgess, a farmer. Leo's curiosity about adult relations and his love for Marian pushes him to get closer to Marian no matter what, and he takes on the role of carrier in a traffic of letters between the two. The Go-Between, which has the quality of a journey in time is one of the most impressive films made about memory. Losey connects the past and present with rare elegance, and the appearance of rain -used successfully both visually and acoustically- announces the clash between the two time frames. Rain also creates the melancholic atmosphere that dominates the film. What makes the film unique is its perspective towards the class it analyzes. As opposed to most other period films, The Go-Between does not try to impress the viewer with the splendour of aristocratic life. Nature is stronger than bourgeois life, depicted as anxious and restricted. From the bees in the garden to the boiling water, the director injects meaning and emotion into every image, and this meticulousness is the primary element behind the film's immense power, one must add the hypnotizing camera work of Gerry Fisher and the brilliant performance of the cast. Engin Ertan

Joseph Losey

Harold Pinter

Gerry Fisher

Reginald Beck

EMI Films Ltd.

Alan Bates
Dominic Guard
Edward Fox
Julie Christie
Margaret Leighton
Michael Gough
Michel Redgrave

Michel Legrand

Best Screenplay
Best Supporting Actor
Best Supporting Actress BAFTA; Best British Screenplay Writer's Guild of Great Britain
Golden Palm Cannes; Best Newcomer

8th Festival on Wheels