Day For Night

François Truffaut is one of the names at the top, maybe even at the peak, of the New Wave' movement, which had such a strong influence on a period of the French Cinema. La Nuit Américaine (Day for Night) is one of the masterpieces of this director, a believer in a cinema that turned away from clichés and which embodied the soul of the streets. The story relates the tragi-comic events that take place during the shooting of the film, Je Vous Presente Pamela and seems to be a tribute to cinema itself, achieving this aim by portraying the many difficulties of film making. Day and Night, in which Truffaut himself plays the director of the film-within-the-film, gives the impression of being dedicated to all the people working in the film business; make up artists, stunt-men, producers, prop-men, assistant directors, clapper loaders etc. It is quite natural that amongst the entire crowd, the stars, as they always do, come to the forefront, their problems taking a larger space. Day for Night, won an Oscar for The Best Foreign Language Film and was nominated in the categories of Best Director, Original Screenplay and Supporting Actress. The film, highly appreciated by Anglo-Saxon viewers, always preserves its optimistic point of view. Day for Night is one of the most amusing films ever made about the colourful people within the cinema community, who are used to struggling with problems but still maintain their determination. A last note; La Nuit Américaine, the film's original name, is a term in cinema that means the night scenes being shot with a special filter during the day; thus the English translation Day for Night. Murat Özer
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