All That Jazz

In this dazzling autobiographical musical, inspired by Fellini’s seminal 81/2 (1963), Roy Scheider plays Joe Gideon, director Bob Fosse’s alter ego. Gideon is a renowned New York choreographer who likes to play as hard as he works. His daily routine consists of popping pills, drinking, smoking, and getting very little sleep. At work, he maniacally drives his dancers and himself in preparation for a new musical, while simultaneously editing a movie he had just directed. On the home front, he tries to keep his daughter, ex-wife and longtime lover happy, while also not neglecting Broadway investors. Above all, he is in touch with his insatiable libido, which he can’t get satisfied. All these chores exhaust Gideon, who’s on the verge of nervous breakdown and total collapse. After suffering a heart attack and going through cardiac surgery, Gideon begins to hallucinate wild musical numbers that are metaphoric of his own life. As noted, the parallels between Fosse’s own life and that of his onscreen alter ego are very clear. Fosse was editing his black-and-white biopic Lenny, about Lenny Bruce (with Dustin Hoffman), while rehearsing the show “Chicago.” Like Gideon, Fosse suffered heart attack, recovered quickly, and, among other achievements, made several Tony award-winning musicals and this movie...

Bob Fosse

Bob Fosse
Robert Alan Aurthur

Giuseppe Rotunno

Alan Heim

Robert Alan Aurthur

Ann Reinking
Ben Vereen
Jessica Lange
Leland Palmer
Roy Scheider

Ralph Burns

Best Art Direction
Best Cinematography
Best Costume Design Oscar
Best Edited Feature American Cinema Editors
Best Editing BAFTA Awards
Best Film Editing
Best Music
Best Non- European Film Bodil Awards
Golden Palm Cannes

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