The Acacias

A quiet road trip movie revolving around a truck driver named Ruben who is driving immigrant Jacinta and her baby Anahi, over the border from Paraguay to Buenos Aires. Jacinta is looking for work in times of recession and Ruben is looking to get to the end of this journey, but after some conversation and shared moments Ruben doesn’t want to leave his travelling companions. The director places you as a passenger joining the three along their way, with the whirring sound of the truck and the sleepy mood that comes with a long journey taking over the senses. Anahi provides some of the sweetest moments in the film guaranteed to bring a smile to your face, with her gurgling and facial reactions she wins over Ruben and sparks something in his soul. The heart and ideas at the centre of this film are all genuine and the director delivers without manipulation. It begins as a truckload of boring but it is worth sticking with as it delivers a satisfying conclusion and turns into a touching, sweet slow burner with some uplifting moments. It will leave you with a warm fuzzy feeling by the end of it.
Argentina Spain

Pablo Giorgelli

Pablo Giorgelli
Salvador Roselli

Diego Poleri

Maria Astrauskas


German de Silva
Hebe Duarte
Nayra Calle Mamani

ACID Award
Best Film Molodist
Camera d’Or
Fipresci Prize Bratislava
Grand Prize
Horizontes Latinos Award San Sebastian
Silver Mirror Oslo
Young Critics Award Cannes

17th Festival on Wheels