A family resemblance

Un Air de Famille, is about a family which is on the verge of blowing apart. While this isn't exactly an original topic, Kapisch's approachis vestly diffrent fromthis sort of motion picture. Ther's no overwrought melodrama and no real catharsis. Instead, there is 110' minutes of discovery through dialogue. With the undercurrent of vicious wit that runs through many of characters are a trio of very diffrent siblings. There's Philippe, the suave, successfull one , who arrives at a family dinner immediately after finishing a television interview. The dinner, a birthday get-together for Philippe's insecure wife, Yolande, is being heldat the restaurant and managed by Philippe's brother, Henri, a dour man whose wife has recently left him. Then there's the younger sister, Betty, whose leather jacket is just one sign of her ongoing rebellion against convention. Also, in attendance for the night's 'festivities' are the siblings' domineering mother, and a bartender named Denis, who is secretly involved with Betty. It's no surprise that every member of Klapisch's cast does a superlative job after all, they played these characters for nine months on stage before making the transition to film. All of the events of the film take place over a four-hour period, meaning that the film take the film unfolds almost in real time. By the time the closing credits unfold, each member of the family has learned something new about the others, and we, the viewers, have come to understand and appreciate the complexities that define their interaction. In that way, Un Air de Famille is a wonderfully rich and intelligent exploration of family dynamics.

Cédric Klapish

Angès Jaoui
Cedric Klapish
Jean-Pierre Bacri

Benoit Delhomme

Francine Sandberg

Telema-Le Studio Canal+

Angès Jaoui
Catherine Frot
Claire Maurier
Jean-Pierre Bacri
Jean-Pierre Darroussin
Wladimir Yordanoff

Philippe Eidel

Best script
Supporting Man Cesare 1997
Supporting Woman

4th Festival on Wheels