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The third collaboration between the Swiss director Tanner and the English writer John Berger follows a group of young people in Geneva who are searching for new directions in their lives after the failure of the revolutionary hopes of the 1960s. A former labor activist takes a job as a gardener and handyman with some free-spirited farmers, setting up a school in a greenhouse for the neighborhood kids, while his wife continues to work in a factory. A disillusioned radical turns to gambling, while having interesting conversations with his girlfriend, an adventurous student of Tantrism. A history teacher uses radical methods in the classroom to foster socialist ideas in his students. He hooks up with a grocery store cashier who undercharges poor people and steals food from the store to help her aging friend, a veteran of the Resistance. The interweaving stories are presented in an elliptical style that gradually creates a gently humorous image of youthful idealism in confrontation with difficult realities. Interspersed throughout the film are brief Brechtian interludes in black-and-white that offer what appear to be subjective moments of truth, with cryptic dialogue or narration. The film’s unconventional approach requires the viewer’s close attention, but one’s patience is well rewarded. This little world of individual resistance to the status quo is portrayed with lightness, compassion, and clarity.
France Switzerland

Alain Tanner

Alain Tanner
John Berger

Renato Berta

Brigitte Sousselier

Citel Films

Jacques Denis
Jean-Luc Bideau
Myriam Boyer
Roger jendly

Jean-Marie Senia

Best Screenplay National Society of Film Critics Awards

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