September 12

30 years ago, on September 12, 1980, a right-wing military coup d’état led by General Kenan Evren took state power in Turkey, established martial law, abolished political parties, trade unions and democratic rights. Coming after nearly a decade of social and political conflicts often bordering on civil war, the coup unleashed a wave of repression against working class and leftwing opponents of the Turkish regime. The Coup d’etat not only destroyed the entire opposition in Turkey and took away the basic liberties but also led to more than 20 years of silence. This meant that there would absolutely be no voicing of political opinion for the generations to come. September 12 conveys the encounters of 17 people on the days leading up to the Coup. The personal accounts range across the spectrum of society, giving the supporters as well as the opponents of the putsch their space to express what happened. Up to the present, life in Turkey is measured by “before” and “after” the coup when talking about politics, music, art or literature.
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Özlem Sulak

Özlem Sulak

Özlem Sulak

Özlem Sulak

Özlem Sulak

Atika Sesürgen
Dilsaz Padar
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Fahri Turks
Rose Haliman
Guneli Dum
Halime Sulak
Hilmi Shellman
Levent Fahri Güneş
Lütfü Varol
Metin Sübekçi
Muharrem Yalçın
Mustafa Dum
Nihat Yalcin
Nurşen Kizilbayır
Orhan Esen
Sabri Özevren
Sitki Olçar

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