10 To 11

Mithat Bey is one of a dying breed: a veteran and inveterate collector, who hoards everything from newspapers to recorded sounds and drinks bottles to clocks. But a formidable struggle begins for him when the residents of his apartment block decide to evacuate the building, motivated by earthquake fears and easy profits. The person he makes his ally in this struggle, which hev takes on simply to maintain his collection, is Ali, the apartment caretaker who worries about losing his job. From this point on, the two men begin to influence each other’s lives. And in the foreground for each of them is Istanbul, the city with all its streets, sounds and descriptions written of it (The Encyclopaedia of Istanbul). In 10 to 11, Pelin Esmer expands the story of her documentary short Koleksiyoncu / The Collector into the realm of fiction with the help, this time, of professional actors. And so we enter the world of two people whose fortunes cross when they could equally go off at a lonely tangent. The paradox takes us on an expansive journey triggered by objects and places. The journey, extending from documentary to fiction, from ‘real’ life to the imaginary, from images to sounds, through locked doors to Istanbul, also transforms the characters. In the world of today, where financial interests ride roughshod over the non-conforming, there is little chance of trying to step into the worlds of other people or indeed to understand them. While evincing the lives that unfold behind appearances, 10 to 11 also questions change, conscience and things forgotten. Ahmet Gürata


Pelin Esmer

Pelin Esmer

Özgür Eken

Ayhan Ergürsel
Cem Yildirim
Pelin Esmer

Pelin Esmer

Laçin Ceylan
Mithat Esmer
Nejat İşler
War Akova
Tayanç Ayaydın

Best Film
Best Screenplay Adana
En Best New Middle Eastern Narrative Director MEIFF
Special Prize of the Jury Istanbul

15th Festival on Wheels