“A mighty flash of light will appear above the village one day which will change everything.” In this small community in the southwest of Spain nothing ever happens. The young people all leave. For those who remain, time seems to stand still. Isa describes her hopes for change as that “mighty flash”.

Flash Bravío follows women trying to break out of their static lives: Isa uses a cassette recorder to record messages to herself for when she loses her memory and disappears. Cita feels trapped in a marriage in a house full of saints and virgins. María returns to the town where she was born to face her loneliness. A deep desire for liberating experiences that makes them rediscover the place where they believe they were once happy, or dreamed of being happy.

Destello Bravio is a mysterious, dark and moving story, far removed from traditional narratives. It is a personal search that moves between reality and fantasy, naturalism and magical realism. The leading roles are played by real women who bring their truth to the work.

Ainhoa ​​Rodriguez (Madrid, 1982) is a film and television director, producer and scriptwriter. She earned a degree in Audiovisual Communication and holds a PhD in Audiovisual Media from Complutense University of Madrid. She also has a diploma in Film Direction and TV Production (TAI College). Her short films have won more than 40 awards around the world. Besides filmmaking, she works as a teacher and gives workshops to women in rural areas about non-normative perspectives in film. Flash Bravío is her first feature film.