The Ankara Cinema Association has been running the Greenhouse project, an initiative of the European Union, since 2006. As a development project dedicated to feature-length documentaries, Greenhouse is open to filmmakers from all 10 MEDA countries and involves three training seminars every year. Partners on the project include the New Israeli Foundation for Cinema & Television (Israel), Appel & Honigmann (The Netherlands), Zampa Productions (Spain), Canal France International (France), ESAV Marrakech – the Marrakech School of Visual Arts (Morocco). Although the project had an original remit to run for three years between 2006-2009, its success prompted an application to extend this to a fourth year, which the EU duly granted. In 2010, Greenhouse applied to Media International and was given the green light on a development project for feature-length documentaries based around the theme of racism and human rights. Under this new project, which is open to filmmakers from EU member states, Balkan and MEDA countries, 16 projects from 15 countries are being developed in 2010. The film On the Way to School, a Greenhouse documentary co-directed by Orhan Eskiköy and Özgür Doğan, won numerous national and international awards, as well as notching up close to 90,000 admissions at the Turkish box office. The Israeli – Palestinean documentary Five Broken Cameras developed by Greenhouse was nominated for an Oscar in 2013.