• 1983 Duvar

    1982 Yol

    1975 Zavallılar

    1974 Endişe

    1974 Arkadaş

    1972 Ağıt

    1971 Acı

    1971 Baba

    1971 İbret

    1971 Umutsuzlar

    1971 Yarın Son Gündür

    1970 Kızım İçin

    1970 Piyade Osman

    1970 Umut

    1969 Aç Kurtlar

    1969 Bir Çirkin Adam

    1968 Pire Nuri

    1968 Seyyit Han: Toprağın Gelini

    1967 Bana Kurşun İşlemez

    1966 At avrat silah


  • Yol - The Full Version
    (Path with Unknown Story)

Yılmaz Güney

He was born in 1937. Studied Law and economics. In 1958 he published his first short stories and began working as scriptwriter, assistant director and actor. He began his career with commercial heroic melodramas and soon becoming a matinee idol, nicknamed The Ugly King. His films Hope and The Friend became landmark films in social realistic Turkish films. He was arrested in 1974. He continued scripting and supervising films, such as The Herd, The Enemy and The Road. In 1981 he escaped from prison and settled in France. He won numerous awards, including best film in Cannes. In France he directed The Wall, in 1982, he died in 1984 in Paris.