• 1959 Portret mezczyzny z medalem (short)
    1960 Skowronek (short documentary)
    1961 Zabawa (short)
    1968 Zywot Mateusza
    1969 Qu'est-ce qui fait courir Jacky? (short)
    1973 Rewizja osobista
    1978 Rekolekcje
    1978 PrzemyslowyInstytut Elektroniki '78 (documentary)
    1982 Konopielka
    1986 Siekierezada
    1993 Kolos
    2001 Requem
    2008 Stary czlowiek i pies


  • A game

Witold Leszczynski

Born in 1933. Between1951-1955, he studied electronics at the Technical University in Warsaw. In 1962, he began studying at the Lodz Film School; first at the camera department, then at the directing department. He made six student films, in three of them he worked as the cameraman and director of photography. His feature film The Life of Matheus got the award for the best debut in 1968. As a professional filmmaker Witold Leszczynski made seven fiction films. He is working as a professor in the Film, Television and Theatre School in Lodz.