• 1975 La tête en runies 1979 La tetre au belly 1982 Canta Gitano (short) 1983 The princes 1986 Rue du Départ 1989 Pleure pas my love 1990 Gaspard et Robinson 1993 Latcho Drom (documentary) 1995 Mondo 1995 Lucumi
    the rumbeiro child of Cuba (short) 1997 Gadja Dilo 1999 I was born of a stork 2000 Vegno 2002 Swing 2004 Visions of Europe (“Paris by Night” segment) 2004 Exils 2006 Transylvania 2009 Korkoro 2012 Indignados (documentary)


  • Have a nice trip
    (Latcho Drom)

Tony Gatlif

Born in 1948 in Algeria, Tony Gatlif is of both Algerian and Gypsy descent. It is in his dual origins that he has found the inspiration for most of his films. He shot his first film, La Tête en ruines in 1975. He directed Les Princes (1983), a feature film about a group of Gypsies settled in a Parisian suburb. He spent 1992-1993 shooting Safe Journey which was awarded numerous prizes. In 1998, he finished his trilogy about Gypsy life with The Crazy Stranger, which won many awards. His films are full of music, dance and mostly gypsies.