• 1988 Pic Pic André show 1993 Saint Nicolas chez les Baltus (short) 1993 Le voleur de cirque (short) 1995 Pic Pic André shoow – Le deuxième (short) 1998 Les Baltus au cirque (short) 1999 Ufo’s boven Geel (short) 1999 Pic Pic André shoow – 4-1 (short) 2000 Rupture (short) 2000 Panique à la cuisine (short) 2000 L’ours
    la femme et le chasseur (short) 2001 Pic Pic
    André el leurs amis 2009 Panique au village 2012 Ernest et Célestine


  • Burglars village panic-Cards
    (Panic in the Village the Thieves of CardsPanic in the village - The thieves of cards)

Stéphane Aubier

Stéphane Aubier and Vincent Patar set up the PicPic André Animation Workshop characterised by the team and its ability to master a wide range of animation techniques as well as a quirky “off the wall” Belgian sense of humour. The result of this collaboration has been a variety of highly original short animation films. The latest creation of the PicPic André Workshop is the 20 episodes of Panique au Village broadcast on TV and at festivals worldwide.