• 1986 Tofolaria (short)
    1990 Praejusios dienos atminimui (short documentary)
    1992 Trys dienos
    1995 Koridorius
    1996 Few of Us
    1997 A Casa
    2000 Freedom
    2004 Visions of Europe (segment "Children Lose Nothing")
    2005 Septyni nematomi zmones
    2010 Indigène d'Eurasie


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Sharun Bartas

Born in 1957. Work both as a producer and director and made several documentaries including A Long Way To Go, Dragons Teeth, More Than a Sacrifice, First Love, Everybody's Gone. He participated to the production of widely acclaimed Margo Harkin's feature film Hush A Bye Baby and since that he has been helpful in getting funds for films by other Irısh directors. His first feature film Bogwoman is based very closely on the Collins experience of living in the Bogside through the sixties. He is presently involved in the writing and development of his next feature film project Spoken For.