• Forbidden Games (Jeux Inderdits)


  • Forbidden Games
    (Inderdits games)

René Clément

He was born in 1913. He studied architecture. In 1934 he began to engage in cinema and worked as cameraman and assistant director. In thirties he made a series of short documentaries. He used the pure and realistic style of these documentaries in two of his best films. Le Bataille du Rail and Les jeuxInterdits. His direction of the actors who were mostly amateurs was extraordinary in these two films. Gervaise, which was inspired from Zola's Assomoir was describing a period in an impressive and realistic way. But his later works in great, international co-productions were less impressive. Barrage contre le Pacifique and Paris Brule-t-il? were appreciated as successful commercial entertainment films. And was criticized that he has tried a different language and has dealed with the subjects professionally without any sentimentalism. With this professionnel technique he created an impressive tension in his films Plein Soleil, Les Felins, Le passeger de la Pluie.