• Dog In The Manger (El Perro Del Hortelano)


  • Bob's Dog
    (The Dog in the Manger)

Pilar Miro

Born in Madrid 1940. Studied law and journalism until 1960 when she was taken on as a reporter by Spanish Television. At the age of 23, she began directing TV programmes. During the early 80s, she was in charge of the Spanish Film Ministry and between 1987-1989 was Director General of Spanish Television. While working for Spanish television, she directed and supervised more than 300 programmes that embraced every field, from news to live broadcasting. Her second feature film El Crimen de Cuena portrayed an innocent political prisoner tortured to death by the Civil Guard. This film was for a time proscribed by the authorities and Miro was sentenced to six years imprisonment by a military court. However, the film went on to become one of the Spanish cinema's biggest box-office hits and the sentence was repealed. Her films have won many awards.