• 1981 Aderlaß (short) 1982 Liebesfilm (short) 1982 Erotique (short) 1983 Miniaturen (short) 1983 Urlaubsfilm (short) 1983 Freeze Frame (short) 1984 Motion Picture (La sortie des ouvriers de l’usine Lumière à Lyon) (short) 1985 Manufraktur (short) 1986 Kelimba (short) 1087 Shot – Countershot (short) 1989 Tabula rasa (short) 1992 Parallel Space: Inter-View (short) 1996 Happy-End (short) 1999 L’arrivée (short) 1999 Get Ready (short) 2000 Outer Space (short) 2002 Dream Work (short) 2005 Instructions for a Light and Sound Machine (short) 2006 Nachtstück (short) 2010 Coming Attractions (short)


  • Space
    (outer space)
    Happy ending
    Coming Attractions
    (Coming Attractions)
    User's Guide for a Light and Sound Machine
    (Instructions for a Light and Sound Machine)

Peter Tscherkassky

Peter Tscherkassky (1958, Vienna) studied philosophy. He teaches filmmaking at the Academy of Applied Arts in Vienna. He is the founding member of Sixpackfilm. He organized several international avant-garde film festivals in Vienna and film tours abroad. Since 1984 numerous publications and lectures on the history and theory of avant-garde film.