• Turning Table
    The (La Table Tournante)


  • Rotary Table
    (The Turning Table)

Paul Grimault

Paul Grimault was born in 1908. A draughtsman by vocation, he studied at the Ecole Germain-Pilon then went to work in the Pomone art workshop at the Bon Marche stores. In 1930 he began to work for the Damour advertising agency where he met Jacques Prevert. In 1931, he began making experimental animation films and five years later went on to found Les Gemeaux production company, making advertising animations. When the war broke out, Grimault was working on Gô chez les Oiseaux, his first big project. This was the first time since Emile Cohl stopped working in 1917 that a French animator had created such an ambitious project. Unfortunately, Grimault's team parted due to the war, and Grimault found himself fighting in Casablanca. After demobilisation, the team was reunited and rescued from economic uncertainly by the national lottery, and their film, which had been interrupted by the outbreak of war, was released in October 1943, entitled Les Passagers de la Grande Ourse. As the only animation production house in occupied Europe, Les Gemeaux quickly found profitability. Along with the growing company, Grimault was able to produce and direct several animations including Le Marchand de Notes, L'Epouvantail, and Le Voleur de Paratonnerres. Through these films, Grimault was able to express his unique poetic approach, his style, rhythm and his taste for fantasy. In 1947, Grimault made Le Petit Soldat, developed in collaboration with Jacques Prevert. Given the quality and originality of the fruit of the collaboration of these two poets, it is surprising that Grimault and Prevert had not collaborated before on a project. Immediately afterwards, the two set to work on what would become the first feature-length animation to be made entirely in France: The Curious Adventures of Mr. Bird. After several setbacks and difficulties, the film was released in 1953 in a version completed by the producer, and not approved by Grimault and Prevert. This experience led Grimault to