• The Story of Little Yogurt (short) 1972 Air! (short documentary) 1972 Le bleu perdu (short) 1974 Au bout du fil (short) 1975 An Old Box (short) 1977 David (short) 1977 Egg for soap (short) 1979 Jeu de coudes (short) 1980 On land
    at sea and in the air (short) 1981 Une historie comme une autre (short) 1982 Le belle et la boute (short) 1983 Scoring a cow 1984 Tip Top (short) 1985 Elephantrio (short) 1986 Getting There (short) 1986 The Train Gang (short) 1988 The Writer and Death (short) 1996 The End of the World in Four Seasons (short) 1998 3 Mises (short) 2000 The Boy Who Saw the Iceberg (short) 2003 2D or not 2D ( short) 2011 Oedipus (short)


  • three Failures
    (Three misses)
    The 7 Brothers
    (The 7 Brothers)
    Location, water and soil
    (Land, Sea and Air)

Paul Driessen

was born in 1940 in Nijmegen. After studying grap-hics and illustration at the Art Aca-demy of Utrecht, he made his debut with an animation film at Cine-centrum in Hilversum. He re-ali-sed his first film upon his return to the Ne-ther-lands. He emigrated to Ca-nada in 1970, where he worked for the Cana-dian Film Board, realising several anima-tion -films. He illustrated a va-riety of children's books. Since 1967 he spends his time between Canada (working for the Canadian Film Board), the Nether-lands (making films for the Ministry of Culture) and Germany (teaching at the Art Aca-demy of Kassel).