• 1949 Shoot Kahpeye 1950 Lüküs Hayat 1952 Tahir and Zühre 1952 Desire and Kamber 1952 Against the British Kemal Lawrens 1952 In the Name of the Law 1953 The City That Killed 1953 The Killer 1953 Let It Play Sazlar
    Play Girls 1953 There Are Six Dead / Ipsala Murder 1954 I Love A Wild Girl 1954 Bulgarian Loyal / Run Away Turks 1955 Sister Bullet 1955 Invisible Man in Istanbul 1955 White Handkerchief 1956 Kalbimen Song 1957 Black Fortune 1957 White Gold 1958 Daughter of the puber 1959 Zümrüt 1959 Alone Quay 1959 Mother Lap 1960 Fire: Old Istanbul Bullies 1960 Female Wolf 1960 Polished İbo's Pain 1961 Silent Warfare 1962 Tricycle 1966 Sirat Bridge 1966 Law of the Border 1967 Sacrificial Murderer 1967 Kızılırmak-Karakoyun 1967 Mother 1968 Vesikalı Half 1968 Fate Such He wanted 1969 I want to die with you 1971 Wild Flower 1971 Dream Like 1971 Until Judgment 1971 Give Consolation 1971 Mothers and Daughters 1972 Wounded Wolf 1972 Irmak 1972 Gökçe Çiçek 1973 Bride 1973 Wedding 1974 Captive Life 1974 Diet


  • The Bride
    (Bride, The)

Omer Lutfi Akad

Born in 1916, he studied Economics. After working in banking sector, as production chief and accountant, he debuted as film director with Kill the Whore (1949). With his films, he established a unique style for Turkish cinema and became one of the pioneers of the period called Directors Generation. In the seventies he realized the famous trilogy The Bride / The Wedding / The Sacrifice which is considered his masterpiece. Afterwards, forced by the unfavorable conditions, he withdrew from the cinema. He directed some adaptations for TV. He taught at the Cinema and TV Institute of the Mimar Sinan University.