• 1979 Wilde Witwe (short) 1981 Valehtelija 1981 Saimaa-ilmiö (documentary) 1982 Jackpot 2 (short) 1982 Arvottomat 1984 Klaani: Tarina Sammakoitten suvusta 1985 Rosso 1987 Helsinki Napoli All Night Long 1989 Cha Cha Cha 1989 Paperitähti 1990 Amazon 1991 Zombie ja Kummitusjuna 1993 The Last Border – viimeisellä rajalla 1994 Tigrero: A Film That Was Never Made (documentary) 1995 Condition Red 1996 Danske piger viser alt 1996 Sambolico (short) 1998 L.A. Without a Map 2000 Highway Society 2002 Moro No Brasil (documentary) 2004 Honey Baby 2004 Bem-Vindo a Säo Paulo (documentary) 2005 Brasileirinho – Grandes Encontros do Choro


  • Three Wise Men
    (The Three Wise Men)

Mika Kaurismaki

He studied at the Film and Tv Academy in Munich between 1977-1981.He was the co-founder of the production companies Villealfa Filmproductions(1981) and Marianna Films (1987).The first film he shot in Brazil was Amazon in 1990, and he has lived partly in Rio de Janeiro since then.