• Nogent Eldorado Of Sunday (Nogent Eldorado Du Dimanche)


  • Sunday Nogent Eldorado
    (Sunday Nogent Eldorado Sunday Nogent Eldorado)

Marcel Carne

Born in Paris on 18 August 1909. In mid-1920s he was an insurance clerk studying filmmaking. After working as assistant cameraman and film critic, he made his first short documentary Nogent, Eldorado du dimanche in 1929. After making publicity films and publishing film journals, he worked as assistant to Jacques Feyder on his three great films of 1934-35 and enabled to direct his own first film Jenny, by Feyder's recommandation in 1936. Within three years, he established himself as one of Europe's leading film directors with a trio of fatalistic romantic melodramas, Quai des brumes (1938), Hotel du Nord (1938), and Le jour se leve (1939). During II World War, he collaborated with the poet and screenwriter Jacques Prevert and they together made two films which rank among the most significant of the period: Les visiteurs du soir (1942) and Les Enfants Du Paradis (1945). He was still only 36 and at the height of his fame when the war ended but the first postwar Carne-Prevert film, Les portes de nuit (1946) was an expensive flop. He directed a dozen more films between 1949-1973, but he was no longer a major force in French filmmaking.