• Goodbye Children (Au Revoir Les Enfants)


  • Saman Alevi
    (The wisp)
    Goodbye Children
    (Goodbye The Children)

Louis Malle

Born on 30 October 1932, in Thumeries Nord France. He was educated at the Sorbornne and during 1951-53 attended IDHEC the prestigious film school in Paris. He assisted Jacques Yves Cousteau and Robert Bresson. His first feature film Ascenseur pour l'echafaud (1958) coincide with the taking off the Nouvelle Vague and won the Prix Louis Delluc. Over the next decade, he directed a series of films which have become classics of French cinema and established an international reputation. In 1968 he went to India where he spent two years shooting two major documentaries Calcutta and L'inde Fatome. Returning to France he directed a couple of features there before taking the majo and risky decision to move his career base to Hollywood. In 1977 he settled in USA and France. Untill 1994, he divided his time between America and France. Atlantic City is generally accepted as his most significant work in America and won Golden Lion in Venice, in 1980. Back to France he realised Au Revoir les Enfants which seven years after brought him a second Golden Lion. He died on November 1995 from cancer.