• 1953 Slowo honoru (kısa)

    1959 Krzyz Walecznych Cross of Valor

    1959 Jesienny dzien

    1960 Nikt nie wola Nobody’s Calling

    1961 Tarpany Wild Horses

    1963 Milczenie Silence

    1964 Upal Heat

    1966 Ktokolwiek wie… Whoever May Know

    1969 Skok The Leap

    1970 Sól ziemi czarnej Salt of the Black Earth

    1972 Perla w kronie Pearl in the Crown

    1975 Linia The Line

    1980 Paciorki jednego rózanca The Beads of One Rosary

    1984 Na strazy swej stac bede I Shall Always Stand Guard

    1986 Wkrótce nadejda bracia The Brothers Will Come Soon

    1994 Straszny sen Dzidziusia Górkiewicza The Terrible Dream of Babyface Gorkiewicz

    1994 Smierc jak kromka chleba Death as a Slice of Bread

    1995 Pulkownik Kwiatkowski Colonel Kwiatkowski


  • Yes Men Fix the World
    (The Yes Men Fix The World)
    Albay Kwiatkowski
    (Colonel Kwiatkowski)
    (ZawroconyZAWROCONY )

Kazimierz Kutz

He was born in 1929. He is a film, television and theatre director and scriptwriter. He graduated from the Lodz Film School in 1954. He began working as an assistant director and made the films Shadow and Canal. Between 1972 and 1978 he was the artistic director of the Silesia Film Studio. Since 1981 he is co-founder and president of the Silesia Film Association. From 1979 to 1982 he lectured at the Silesian University, Faculty of Radio and Television. He received awards in Poland and abroad.