• 1959 All The Boys Are Called Patrick All The Boys Are Called Patrick (short)

    1959 Breathless Breathless

    1960 Charlotte and Son Jules Charlotte And Her Jules (short)

    1961 A Woman is A Woman A Woman is A Woman

    1962 Living Your Life

    1963 The Little Soldier The Little Soldier

    1963 Contempt Contempt

    1963 The Carabinieri The Soldiers

    1964 Band apart Band of Outsiders

    1964 A Married Woman A Married Woman

    1965 Alphaville

    1965 Pierrot Le Fou Pierrot Goes Wild

    1965 Male-Female

    1966 Made in USA

    1966 Two or Three Things I Know About Her Two or Three Things I Know About Her

    1967 The Chinese The Chinese Girl

    1967 Weekend

    1972 It's All Right Just Great

    1974 Here and Elsewhere Here and Elsewhere (documentary)

    1980 Save Who Can Live

    1982 Passion Godard’s Passion

    1984 First name Carmen First Name: Carmen

    1985 Hail Mary

    1985 Detective

    1987 King Lear

    1987 Heal Your Right Keep Your Right Up

    1990 New Wave

    1991 Germany Year 90 Nine Zero

    1993 Alas For Me Oh
    Woe is Me

    1993 Les Enfants Jouent à la Roussie The Kids Play Russian

    1994 JLG – JLG Autoportrait de Decembre JLG – JLG Self-Portrait of December (documentary)

    1996 For Ever Mozart

    1997 Histoire(s) du cinéma: Seul le cinéma (short documentary)

    1997 Histoire(s) du cinéma: Fatale beauté (short documentary)

    1998 Histoire(s) du cinéma: Une vague nouvelle (short documentary)

    1998 Histoire(s) du cinéma: Les signes parmi nous (short documentary)

    1998 Histoire(s) du cinéma: Le contrôle de l’univers (short documentary)

    1998 Histoire(s) du cinéma: La monnaie de l’absolu (short documentary)

    2001 Eloge de l’amour Elegy of Love

    2004 Notre Musique Our Music

    2010 Film Socialisme

    2013 3x3D (segment The Three Disasters)

    2014 Adieu au Language Goodbye Language


  • Goodbye to Language
    (Farewell To Language)
    Two or Three Things I Know About Him
    (2 or 3 things I know about her)
    Film Socialism
    (Socialism Film)
    I hear the scream
    (Ahendu Nde Sapukai)
    Adı Carmen
    (First name Carmen)
    Chinese Girl
    (The ChineseThe Chinese)
    A Woman Is a Woman
    (A woman is a woman)
    Crazy Pierrot
    (Pierrot le fou)
    Praise of Love
    (Praise Of Love)
    All the boys Patrick
    (All the boys are called Patrick)
    Charlotte ve Jules
    (Charlotte And Son Jules)
    A Story of Water
    (A History of Water)
    JLG - JLG Self-Portrait in December
    (JLG - JLG Self-portrait of DecemberJLG - JLG SELF-PORTRAIT OF DECEMBER)

Jean-Luc Godard

Born in Paris on 3 December 1930. He has been a passionate cinephile since his days as an ethnology student at the Sorbonne. He wrote as a film critic in Chaiers du Cinema. He made his first shorts in Switzerland in mid 1950s, and his first feature “A bout de souffle” in 1959, in Paris. One of the pioneers of the Nouvelle Vague, he went on to write and direct a number of films now considered to be art cinema classics. His involvement in the upheavals of May 1968 in Paris and Cannes consolidated a growing politicisation in his work and led him to make a number of didactic Marxist-Maoist films that questioned the material basis of cinema; since then, much of his works has sprung from creative collaborations. He was the co-founder of the Dziga Vertov group. In the last twenty five years, he has divided his time between film and television projects, offering idiosyncratic and provocative analyses of everything from the history of image-culture to the dynamics of male- female relations.