• 2000 Gay? (short) 2002 Avant j’étais triste (short) 2004 We Are Winning don’t Forget (short) 2004 Rain (short) 2004 Devil Inside (short) 2005 Dies Irae (short) 2005 Undo (short) 2006 Eût-elle été criminelle (short) 2007 200000 fantômes (short) 2007 Nijuman no borei (documentary) 2008 Entre chiens et loups (short) 2009 L’art délicat de la matraque (short documentary) 2010 Les barbares (short) 2011 Looking at the Dead (short) 2012 Nos jours
    shall be illuminated (documentary) 2012 The Devil (short documentary) 2013 The day has conquered the night (short documentary) 2013 The optimism (short)


  • We're Become Death
    (We Are Become Death)
    200 000 Ghost
    (200 000 Phântomes / Nijuman No Borei200 000 fantômes / Nijuman no borei)
    Even though criminals ...
    (Was she criminal ...)
    Remember, we paid
    (We Are Winning Don't ForgetWe Are Winning Don't Forget )

Jean-Gabriel Periot

He was born in 1974, and at first built a rather academic relationship with images. He cultivated a special interest in the ideological dimensions of creativity. Alternatively, he worked as an assistant in films related to architecture and worked in the area of video to realize a more specific and personal production. He has also started working on political discourse leaving aside aesthetics.