• 1960 Sousto (short)
    1963 Memory of Our Day (short documentary)
    1964 Diamonds of the Night
    1966 Perlicky na dne ("Podvodnici" bölümü)
    1966 About the festivities and guests
    1967 Martyrs of love
    1967 Mother and Son (short)
    1968 Oratorio for Prague (short)
    1968 Return
    1975 The back cleavage
    1990 In guarantee of royal love
    1990 Strahov demonstration
    1997 Code: Rubin
    2001 Night Talks with Mother (documentary)
    The Landscape of My Heart
    2005 Toyen
    2009 Holka Ferrari Dino


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    Party and Guests
    (About Celebrations And Guests)

Jan Nemec

Jan Nemec born in Prague 1936. He studied at the Film Faculty (FAMU) in Prague from 1957 to 1960. The film he made as a student, A Morsel (1960) received awards in various festivals. His first feature film Diamonds of the Night (1964), made him an internationally renowned film-maker. His two following movies were a new proof of his talent and won prizes and honorable mentions. He directed the episode Podvodnici (Cheats) for the omnibus film Pearls in the Depth (1965), based on writer Bohumil Hrabal's short stories and made by five young directors forming part of the Czech "new wave". He filmed the invasion of Czechoslovakia by Soviet troops. Later on, the film was used in Philip Kaufman's feature film The Unbearable Lightness of Being (1988). In the period of 1970-1989, he had not been allowed to work in his native country and could not leave it before 1974. Thereafter he worked in Federal Germany in Sweden and in Great Britain. In the US, he lectured on cinema at various universities. He returned to his native country after the fall of the existing regime in 1989, he directed feature films and several portraits of well-known Czech artists for Czech television.