• 1988 Co vsechno chcete vedet o sexu a bojite se to prozit 1989 L.P. 1948 (short) 1991 Nedelejte nic
    unless you have a serious reason 1993 Big Beat 1998 Ceská soda 1999 Pelisky 2000 must Fall 2003 Pupendo 2004 Standards fall 2006 Beauty in Trouble 2007 Medvidek 2008 On my good 2008 Shameless 2009 Kawasaki Rose 2010 tomorrow will be 2,011 Innocence 2012 St. foursome 2012 Waste town Honeymoon death in 2013


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    (Kraska v Nesnazich)
    Divided deduct
    (We must help each other)

Jan Hřebejk

Graduated in script editing and screenwriting from FAMU where he gained recognition with his student films. He got started making feature films with screenwriter Petr Jarchovsky, directing Big Beat, Cosy Dens, and Divided We Fall. All of their films, taking place in the recent past, have been smash hits and have won many awards. Jan Hrebejk has also published Patosani, a collection of poetry, and written four one-act plays for the Kaspar theatre group entitled Ordinary Loves. Recently he has been engaged as a director for the Pod Palmovkou Theatre in Prague.