• 1987 Circles

    1989 Idea

    1991 Man S

    1998 Syndrome

    2001 Sugarfree

    2010 Starting Over

    2010 Some Other Stories

    2011 A Day on the Drina

    2012 Living Monument

    2012 Coal Mine

    2013 Geto 59

    2015 Nasa Svakodnevna Prica (Our Everyday Life)


  • Our Everyday Life
    (Our Everyday Story)

Ines Tanovic

Ines Tanović graduated from the Dramaturgy Department of the Academy of Performing Arts in Sarajevo. She has written and directed five short films and six feature movies: Circles (1987), Idea (1989), Man S (1991), Syndrome (1998), Sugarfree (2001), Starting Over (2010), as well as the Bosnian part of the omnibus Some Other Stories (2010) which has been invited to more than 35 world festivals. She is the author of the documentaries Living Monument (2012), Coal Mine, (2012), Geto 59 (2013) and A Day on the Drina (2011), as well as a large number of industrial films and commercials.