• Story Of The Unknown Soldier (Histoire Du Soldat Inconnu)


  • The Unknown Soldier's Tale
    (Story Of The Unknown SoldierHistory Of The Unknown Soldier)

Henri Storck

Born in 1907. From 1930 on he made numerous documentaries. He is one of the pioneers of the Belgian Documentary School. Just as Ivens, Storck began as a self-made filmmaker with a lyrical film about water and avant-garde experiments. Storck and Ivens met in left-wing circles in Paris where in 1933 the Belgian asked him to co-operate in the film about the consequences of a miners' strike in the Borinage. The film Misere au Borinage / Misery in the Borinage (1934) became Storck's best-known film. Other renowned films are Le soldat inconnu, Rubens (together with Paul Hasaert), Le monde de Paul Delvaux, La fenêtre ouverte and Le banquet des fraudeurs. Storck also made semi-documentary films such as Symphonie paysanne, Une idylle à la plage and Le trésor d'Ostende.