• 1950 Luci del varietà 1952 lo sceicco bianco 1953 I vitelloni 1953 L'amore in città ("Agenzia matrimoniale
    Un" bölümü) 1954 La strada 1955 Il Bidone 1957 Le notti di Cabiria 1960 La Dolce Vita 1962 Boccaccio '70 (segment "Le tentazioni del dottor Antonio") 1963 81/2 1965 Giulietta degli spiriti 1968 Spirits of the Dead (segment"Toby Dammit") 1969 Fellini – Satyricon 1972 Roma 1973 Amarcord 1976 Fellini’s Casanova 1978 Orchestra Rehearsal 1980 City of women 1983 And The Ship Sails On 1986 Ginger and Fred 1987 Intervista 1990 La voce della luna 1993 The King of Ads (documentary)


  • Ginger ve Fred
    (Ginger e Fred)
    Sweet Life
    (The sweet life)

Federico Fellini

Born in Rimini in 1920. At primary school was educated by the nuns of San Vicenzo in Rimini. He ran away from home at the age of ten and joined a circus. In 1938 enrolled at the university but instead of attending classes he began to work or "420" a humour magazine and "Avventuroso" a comic strip magazine. In 1939 moved to Rome and worked as a caricature artist.Between 1939-1940 wrote sketches for radio and gags for movies. In 194 married to actress Giulietta Masina. In 1944 worked on script for "Rome, Open City" with Roberto Rosselini. Between 1946-1952 worked as script writer and assistant director with Rosselini, Alberto Lattuada and Pietro Germi. He co-directed his first film in 1950 with Lattuada. He won four times the Oscar for Best Foreign-Language Film in an illustrious directing career. In 1993 was honoured with a special life time achievement Oscar. He died on November 1993.