• 1986 Zinoberveien (short)
    1989 The New Chaplain (short)
    1991 White simmer in the rash (short)
    1991 Homo Interruptus (short)
    1992 Bat Wings
    1996 The Virgin of Riga
    1998 Tooth for Tooth (short)
    2001 Germany year 00 (short)
    2010 Water lilies in bloom (short)


  • Fresh Flower Water Lilies
    (Water lilies in bloom)
    Eye for an eye
    (Tooth For Tooth / Eye For An EyeTooth for tooth)

Emil Stang Lund

Born in 1963. he is an auto-didact and versatile film maker. He held an assortment of jobs within the film industry. In 1989 he received the national film prize for his short The New Curate. In 1992, he presented his first feature film Bat Wings, which was inspirated by Tavian brothers’ masterpiece Kaos. It earned him critical acclaim and the prize for Best Director at the Moscow International FF in 1993. his second feature is Virgin Of Riga 1996. at the time being he is preparing his next feature.